Development prospects of Donetsk electromechanical plant

V. L. Debelyy,
Chairman of Board of Directors,
Ye. M. Gimon,
                                                                    Director of Donetsk                                                                       
Electromechanical Plant
(SOJSC “Trust “Donetskshakhtostroymontazh”)

Donetsk Electromechanical Plant is an important structural subdivision of “Donetskshakhtostroymontazh”, which significantly raises potential of the trust and enables to increase scope of construction and installation activities owing to production of different metal frameworks, non-standard equipment and other products required for construction directorate. In particular, the electrical facilities, high voltage units, main distribution units, power cabinets, busbar bridges, metal frameworks, pipe fittings, expansion devices, support chairs etc. are manufactured.

It stands to mention, that stages of coal industry development in Ukraine and,  in particular, of mine building complex, find their representation  in work of the plant. Thus, in the years of perestroika the plant had no required operating rate, sometimes it stood idle, but it always was looking for a way out of the occurred situation. In this difficult period the staff under the leadership of director Ye. M. Gimon managed to do the most important thing – to preserve the main skeleton staff of qualified workers and engineers and technicians, as well as all equipment in good order.

That is why, when the plant’s operating rate increased in 2.5-3 times, it successfully managed to cope with the tasks set. For example, when manufacturing pipelines for cooling tower connections for Yenakiyevo metallurgical works, every four days the fabrication shop manufactured connections for one cooling tower section.

The plan executed in high quality and on a tight schedule such important tasks as:
- manufacturing of metal frameworks for armouring of shaft air ducts at the mine n.a. Vakhrusheva (SE “Rovenkiantratsit”);
- metal frameworks of a building of multi-rope hoist and control cabinets to the winding engines of the mine “Komsomolets Donbassa”;
- power transmission poles for a mine “Dobropolska”;
-non-standardized equipment for mine drainage (sliding joints, support chairs etc.) at mines “Stepnaya” (OJSC “Pavlograd-ugol”), Solotvinskiy salt mine (Zakarpatye);
-metal frameworks of headframe at the mine “Rossiya”) AE “Selidovugol”).

According to individual project the plant executed an order of mine n.a. Zasyadko – manufacturing of bridges, galleries for concentrating mills.

For the previous two years the DEMP has turned from the loss operation into a profitable business with a good development prospective. New equipment is acquired (for example, a new metal cutter up to 20 mm width and plasma cutting equipment); the operated equipment is regularly repaired.

The plant cooperates with SOJSC Scientific Research Design and Construction Institute “Uglemekhanizatsiya” that has worked out technical documentation for dampers and valves of Ball and Seat Valve type, as well as for a stone duster. At the end of 2005 the stone duster was manufactured and supplied to the mine “Krasnoarmeyskaya-Zapadnaya” No. 1. The plant is ready to cover needs of coal industry on this type of equipment. Besides, the engineering staff plans to master production of new equipment for mines and other companies.

Work of the foreman of fitters manufacturing metal frameworks S. V. Voropayev, foreman of turners B. S. Temnik, blacksmith V. G. Semenenko, the foreman of electric shop A. V. Suprun should not be left unmentioned. The chief mechanic S. V. Kiselev proved himself to be an experienced and initiative engineer and manager.
In 2006 it was planned to increase budget financing of major construction work in coal industry. In this respect the trust anticipates significant increase of construction operations scope, and potential of Donetsk electromechanical plant is a guarantee of success.

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