Mine speed gauge SR

V. L. Debelyy, Cand.Sc.
L. L. Debelyy, eng.
(Zavod Amplituda LLC)

Zavod Amplituda LLC together with SOJSC NIPIugleavtomatizatsiya worked out a speed gauge SR used for measurement of driving speed of mine electric locomotives and trail (provided by GOST 12.2.112 Standards system of labor safety. Mine electric locomotive transport. General safety requirements to rolling equipment and Temporary safety requirements to main mining transport equipment for coal and shale mines).

The speed gauge is designed for installation both at accumulator, and at trolley locomotives.

The speed gauge set includes an observer (indicating unit) and a transmitter  (sensor), with the observer mounted in the drivers cabin, and sensor in the cover of one of gear boxes. 

Technical characteristics of the speed gauge
Speed measurement range, km/h 25
Limit absolute accuracy in the speed measurement range,% 1 20
Supply voltage, V 24
Supply voltage limit values, V  
- upper 30
- lower 16
Power consumption, Wt, maximum 2,5
Overall dimensions, mm  
of the observer:  
-length 87
-width 140
-height 220
of the transmitter:  
-length 200
-width 120
-height 140
Mass, kg:  
-of indicating unit 7
-of sensor 1
Version 1
 The speed gauge SR is designed for operation in the following microclimatic conditions:
  • environment mine explosive atmosphere;
  • environmental temperature 263 to 308 (-10 to +35);
  • upper value of relative humidity at the temperature of 308 (+35) is equal to 982 % with moisture condensation;
  • dust content maximum 300 mg/m3;
  • mechanical load exposure (sinusoidal vibration):
    • frequency band 0,5 to 100 Hz;
    • acceleration amplitude to 10 m/s;
  • single action shocks:
    • shock acceleration peak value in horizontal direction 30 m/s; duration 2 to 20 ms.

The speed gauge measures travelling speed of mine electric locomotive by indirect method consisting in direct measurement of rotation speed of one of railway motors and in conversion of rotation speed into travelling speed value in digital form. Measurement of speed does not depend on electric locomotive travelling direction.

The observer is a printed circuit board with inboard electroradioelements and digital displaying indicator. They are built in the metal case with inlet box for connector cable. The case is equipped with clamping devices for its installation in the drivers cabin.

The magnetosensitive element is applied as a sensor. When gear tooth tip passes near the sensor face, there is a rectangular pulse generated therein equal to the sensor supply voltage (in the interval between teeth voltage is zero). The observer is made based upon processor enabling calculation of pulse quantity in unit time and transforms the red information into parameters of speed and trail displaying them at the LED, with the trail parameter stored in the nonvolatile memory.

Acceptance tests of the speed gauge SR carried out at the mine Progress SE Torezantratsit showed its high reliability and operating convenience. The speed gauge SR was launched into commercial production at Zavod Amplituda LLC.


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