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About the Company

Zavod Amplituda LLC is a manufacturer of accumulator and trolley locomotives, component parts and electric equipment thereto. The company produces electric locomotives RP8, 2RP8, RP5, RP7 (analogues 8D, 28D, 4,5RP, 7RP), trolley locomotives 7, 10, 14 (analogues 7, -10, -14) comprising conceptually new units: controllers V-2, S-001, R, speed gauge SR, electric power supply IP-5, a headlamp FRE1.0 etcetera.

The companys production capacities have been created based upon Donetsk Electromechanical Plant and are equipped with all the things needed for production and execution of high quality repair by equipment. All operations are carried out according to the list of regulatory documents. Products of  Zavod Amplituda LLC have all required approval documents.

The company constantly improves process engineering and introduces inventions enabling to improve its production quality. Having a wealth of experience with the companies of Ukraine, Russia, near- and far-abroad countries, we constantly expand our business relations and invite all interested parties for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The mining electric locomotives with upgraded configuration made by Zavod Amplituda LLC were represented at the exhibition Coal/Mining -2012. It is the equipment of new generation with high reliability and safety level.