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Accumulator locomotive RP4,5

Accumulator locomotive RP4,5


It is designed for transportation of rolling equipment across underground workings of mines and pits with a gradient up to 0.005 and track bending radius minimum 8 m, where the current safety regulations permit operation of accumulator locomotives.

The locomotive is manufactured according to the Technical Specifications of Ukraine 35.2-25103132-020:2010

Technical characteristics

Serial no. Designation of basic parameters and dimensions Unit of measure Value
1. Traction effort in hours mode kN 7
2. Speed in hours mode km/h 6, 6
3. Railway electric motor power in hours mode kWt 14
4. Accumulator battery power capacity kWt/h 36-76
5. Accumulator battery type   TNZhSh,PzS
6. Rigid wheelset mm 900
7. Nominal track rail gage mm 600, 900
8. Overall dimensions mm 3300/1000/1300
9. Nominal wheel length on tread mm 540
10. Mass t 4, 5
11. Sand system  

manual mechanical

12. Electric equipment version   RV
13. Accumulator battery version   RP