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Zavod Amplituda LLC executes overhaul maintenance of mining equipment (trolley and accumulator locomotives of all kinds, inertia-type locomotives, electric motors  DR 10, 13, 14, DTN) based upon its in-house facilities.

The in-house facilities were created based upon Donetsk Electromechanical Plant of trust Donetskshakhtostroymontazh. The production is equipped with all things needed for quality repair by the equipment:

  • universal cutting machine (turners, boring units, millers,
     drilling units, grinders);
  • arc welders;
  • product-oriented machines for assembly and disassembly of motor armatures and
     manufacturing of sections and coils;
  • hydraulic, toggle presses;
  • special heat driers with forced ventilation.

Disassembly and assembly of units is made by using electric tools, special rigging, accessories. For transportation of units and details  handling facilities are applied.

Engineering repair of mine electric locomotive provides for:

  • visual inspection and decontamination;
  • complete disassembly of products and rejection of units that cannot be restored,
    with subsequent replacement by the new ones;
  • manufacturing of details and welding of structural elements of the devices,
    - machining, thermal processing, paintwork, as well as electrical installation work and assembly of product units;
  • final assembling of a product, painting at the special bench.
  • final assembling and painting of units, bench run of electric locomotive.

All operations are executed according to the list of regulatory documents which are to be complied by the repaired products in part of their safety properties. 

Overhaul maintenance is made by highly knowledgeable specialists having required education, long work experience in the specialty and successful certification for the right to carry out repairs of explosion-proof electric equipment. 

The QC department staffed by qualified specialists with sufficient work experience and required knowledge carries out production control.