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Draining and degassing equipment

 Non-standardized equipment
 for mines under construction and reconstruction.

- steel welded sliding joints
 Nominal diameter DN 100 DN 500 mm.
 Nominal pressure 10 100 atm.

- flanged connections (flange, bead, metalware)
 Nominal diameter DN 150 DN 500 mm.
 Nominal pressure 10 100 atm.
 (GOST 12822-80)

- support chairs
 Nominal diameter DN 100 DN 500 mm.
Nominal pressure 10 100 atm.

- welded branches
 Nominal diameter DN 100 mm DN 500 mm.
 Nominal pressure 10 100 atm.

- attachment clips of pipes in the shaft (KhB, KhRK etc.)
 Nominal diameter DN 100 mm DN 500 mm.

All this equipment was made under the type design 7.401-1 worked out by the institute Yuzhgiproshakht Kharkov city. The plant has certificate of conformity no.123621 series dated 7.04.2008 of MakSRI.

According to type and individual designs (if necessary we shall execute the design), we shall manufacture construction metal structures, both for the companies, and for individuals, different reservoirs, forgings, sanitaryware blanks.

List of products manufactured by individual orders 
- columns of rolled beams
 - sheet welded columns
 - sheet welded beams
 - rolled shape beams
 - frameworks
 - stands
 - bondings
 - girth rails
 - monorails
 - ladders
 - grounds, floorings
 - enclosing structures
 - bunkers
 - chimneys up to L=800 mm =8mm
 - rolled tubes up to L =2000mm =8mm
 - lining panels (without insulant)
 - lining panels (with laying of insulant)
 - closing mechanisms
 - charging chutes
 - appentice
 - metal doors
 - sealed metal doors
 - metal gates
 - dismountable garages (600045003000 mm)
 - flanged pipelines from DN=100 mm to DN=500 mm with the length from L=3000 mm to L=12000 mm, nominal pressure 10 100 atm.
 - metal grating
 - reservoirs up to V=50 m3